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Operation Theatre Services

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St.Philomenas Operation Theatre Complex is Situated on the second floor of the west wing of the hospital building. The new OT complex was commissioned in 2002 and the whole OT was shifted from the old area to the new complex. It has got 6 big operating rooms, 5 for the major cases and one for the septic cases. Apart from this OT has got 3 other comparatively small operating rooms but with all facilities , here obstetric cases ENT cases and ophthalmology cases are done. out of these three one room is exclusively for eye cases.

The Other areas in OT
Store room, housekeeping area, CSSD, plasma room, Doctors rest room, recovery room and receiving room
Surgical ICU : A six bedded surgical ICU is also a part of the theatre. It is managed by the anesthetists. It is equipped with monitors, ventilators and other equipments needed for the ICU care.

All the operating rooms are equipped with state of art new generation fully micro processed anaesthetic machines , High end vital monitors ,pendent system, modern operating lights, latest operating tables with different positioning facilities and remote control system, central pipeline supply of the medical gases and suction devices, pendent system, centrally air conditioned with thermostat control in the theatre for easy control of the temperature. To maintain the high sterility of the theatres especially for the highly complex Ortho, Neuro and Oncology cases the theatre is fitted with laminar flow system.

The Neurosurgery OT – is considered to be the state of art which is equipped with the most modern operating microscope designed for Neuro surgery, navigation system, , high resolution C arm, electro surgical units designed for brain surgery and Neuro endoscopic system.

The following types of surgical procedures are undertaken in our theatre.
• General surgery both open surgeries and endoscopic
• Obsteric elective and emergencies
• Gyanae. Open and endoscopic
• Orthopaedics, all types of ortho cas including joint replacement surgeries
• ENT all ENT surgeries including endoscopic
• Paediatric surgery including neonatal and general paediatric
• Surgical oncology
• Thoracic and vascular
• Neuro and spine surgery
• Dental and maxillofacial
• Urology and endourological procedures
• Gastro procedures like ERCP
• Gen Surgery, obstetric and anesthesiology have both fulltime and visiting consultants. For all the super specialties in surgery hospital has panel of doctors who operate regularly in our theatre.