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St Philomena’s hospital offers pediatric nephrology services. Our pediatric nephrologist Dr Mythili Krishnamurthy, has done her fellowship in Ped Nephrology at St John’s Medical College Hospital, under the guidance of Dr Kishore Phadake and Dr Arpana Iyengar. She has been working as a pediatrician from 2009 and ped nephrologist from 2011.

Services offered:
Preventive Nephrology: diagnosis management and follow up of nephrotic syndrome, proteinuria, hematuria, hypertension, urinary tract infection(UTI), rickets, polyuria, frequent urine passage, bedwetting, renal stones, scarred kidneys – post UTI/VUR, chronic kidney disease, neonates & children with past history of AKI.

Antenatal counselling and post natal follow up of congenital anomalies of kidney and urinary tract (CAKUT) – hydronephrosis, mckd, renal cysts, solitary kidney, double moiety kidney etc.

Nephro-Uro Clinics: joint management with pediatric surgeons/urologists, for overall renal well being, in cases of posterior urethral valves, PUJ obstruction, CAKUT, vesicouretral reflux(VUR), renal stones, bladder abnormalities, dysfunctional bowel and bladder habits

Procedures: Renal biopsy

ICU Care: fluid and electrolyte derangments, acute renal failure (conservative management)

Monday 3-5pm: Ped nephrology opd, with prior appointment only.
Monday to Saturday (except thursday) 10am-1pm(gen pediatric opd): for nephrology consultation, with prior appointment.