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Scope of Services

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Please find below an overview of the departmental scope of services.


Administration of General and regional anesthesia, Acute and chronic pain services, Labour analgesia, Intensive care services, emergency and Resuscitation services.

Routine Biochemistry tests, Hormonal Tests, Cancer markers, serology tests, virology tests, HBAIC, D – dimmers.

Blood bank:
24 hours blood bank, Grouping, RH, Screening – HIV, HbsAg, HCV, Malaria Parasite, VDRL and Cross match.

Consultations, Echocardiography, TMT, Holter monitoring, ECG, well equipped CCU to care for emergencies and acutely ill cardiac patients, 24 hour Cath Lab service for heart attacks, Full non-invasive work up, Echo/Color Doppler/3D Echo/4D Echo, Transesophageal Echo (TEE), Vascular Profile, Ambulatory BP, Coronary &Peripheral angiography. IABP. Pacemaker insertion for arrhythmias and heart blocks. Balloon valvoplasty.

Dermatology :
Investigative and curative treatment for General Dermatology, Sexually transmitted diseases (Venerology), Cosmetology, Leprosy and Aesthetic Medicine, Radiofrequency Surgery, Acne Resurfacing and Chemical Peeling.

Diet counseling for inpatients and outpatients along with detailed Diet Sheet, weight reduction clinic for obese patients, canteen visits, active participation in medical camps for nutrition education.

Consultations, Emergencies, all types of routine ENT surgeries, Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery(FESS), Closure of CSF Leak, Micro Ear Surgery – Tympanoplasty, Mastoidectomy, Ossiculoplasty, Head and Neck Surgery – Parotidectomy, Thyroidectomy, Voice Disorders, Microlaryngeal Surgeries, Cancer Surgeries, Cosmetic Surgery – Rhinoplasty.

(Consultation OP and IP, Emergencies, well equipped for video endoscopy, OGD, Therapeutic procedures, Liver biopsy, Colonoscopy and ERCP etc, EUS.).

General Medicine:
(Consultations, Diabetic clinics, medical emergencies, Health check up etc).

General Surgery:
(Consultations, emergencies, All general surgical procedures – Gastrointestinal, Hepatobiliary and pancreatic surgeries, Colorectal Surgeries, (All basic and advanced lap Surgeries eg: Lap cholecystectomy Laparoscopic Appendicectomy, Hernia repair, Lap Fundoplication & other procedures, Haemorrhoidectomy using stapler and Open technique, Thyroid surgeries, Hernia surgery with mesh repair ( For inguinal & All Abdominal Hernias ), Stapler for Piles.

Acid – Fast Bacilli, Normal Bacteriology Culture & Sensitivity, Amplified Mycobacterial Tuberculosis Direct Tests.

(Consultation, emergencies, Well equipped NICU for new born baby care , high risk followup clinic , immunization clinic, retinopathy of prematurity (ROP)screening , new born hearing screening).

(Consultations, Well equipped Renal dialysis unit, emergency dialysis services, Haemo Dialysis, Peritonial Dialysis, Detoxication of poisons, Treatment of snake bites, Plasmapheren).

(Consultations, neurological emergencies, Paediatric Neurology EEG, EMG, Evoked Potential Studies, Doppler Studies, Neuro intensive care for Stroke, thrombolytic thérapies, Status epilepticus, encephalitis , meningitis and Encéphalopathies, Plasma Exchange for GBS , Myasthenia etc, CT Scanning and MRI.

Neuro traumatology, Spinal Surgeries. Pediatric neurosurgeries

Obstetrics & Gynecology & Fertility:
(Consultations, emergencies, fertility clinic, Laparoscopic surgeries, IUI, Family Planning Procedure, Painless Labour, Gynec Laparoscopy, Endoscopy and Hysteroscopy).

(Consultations, Eye contact lens fitting, Cataract Surgery, Management of Ocular Trauma, Examination of internal and external eye diseases, Diagnosis & Treatment of lid / corneal diseases, Diagnosis & Treatment of all eye diseases.).

Orthopedics :
Department of Orthopedic has following sections: 1) General orthopedic and traumatology: Consultations, emergencies, Excision of bone tumors, Fixation of fracture ribs, Limb amputations, Operation of De-Quvan’s Disease, Carpel Tunnel Syndrome, Tennis, Elbow etc, Ligament repair & reconstructions, Fracture fixation with Plate & Screw, Soft tissue release, Arthrolysis, Total Hip Replacement, Total Knee joint Replacement, shoulder joint and elbow joint replacement, spine surgery, Paediatric Orthopaedic Surgeries, Open Reduction, Closed Reduction, Internal Fixation, External Fixation, Interlocking Nailing, Arthroscopy, Illizarov Ring Fixation, Bone graftings, Hemiarthroplasty Hip, Deformity Correction, Proximal Femoral Nailing, Dynamic Hip Screw Fixation, Limb lengthening, Intra medullary Supracondyle Nailing Femur, ACL Reconstruction, Interlocking Nailing Tibia, CTEV correction, Arthrodesis Ankle, Hemiarthroplasty shoulder, IM Nailing, Fixation of Carpel & metacarpal bones, Operation of tendon and nerve injuries, Operation of Tendo Achilles Injury. 2) Joint replacement and deformity correction: Reduction and fixation of all fractures or dislocation of the upper and lower limbs, Repair of all tendon and muscle injuries of upper and lower limbs, Treatment of thoracolumbar spine fractures, Arthroplasty, Hemiarthroplasty of the hip joint, Total joint replacement of the hip and knee for severe osteoarthritis or other non-infectious disease of the joints, Spine Surgery, Discectomy for prolapsed intervertebral disc, Decompression surgery of spinal stenosis with or without fusion. 3) Arthroscopy and sports surgeries: Management of acute sports trauma, Rehabilitation and sports related activity training, Surgical management of sports related knee and shoulders injuries, Instructing sports ergonomics to or for sports professionals, Shoulder pain clinic (non surgical management of chronic shoulder pain) Knee- meniscal surgeries , ACL, PCL reconstruction , arthroscopic, Correction of patellar maltracking. Shoulders- 1) arthroscopic rotator cuff surgeries 2) arthroscopic instability surgery 3) arthroscopic management of adhesive capsulitis.

Oral & Maxillo Facial Surgery:
(Maxillo facial injuries followed by Road Traffic Accident (RTA), domestic , occupational, environmental accidents, assaults, gunshot & blast injuries etc, Management of cyst and tumors of Jaws bones, Orofacial Cancer Surgeries, Management of Orofacial pains and infections, Management of Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ ), pains, dysfunction, dislocation and ankylosis, Orofacial cosmetic plastic and reconstructive surgeries including Orthognathic surgeries, Rhinoplasty, Cleft lip and Cleft Palate Surgeries, Cheiloplasty.

Full hematological evaluation including bone marrow examination, entire cytological study including FNAC, Pap Smear and Exfoliative Cytology, histopathology , 24 hours Blood banking.

Pediatric services : Consultations, Immunization, Pediatric Ward.

Physical Medicine & Rehabilitative & Sports Medicine:
Orthopaedic Rehabilitation, Rehabilitation of brain and stroke injury patients, Pain and Rheumatology Rehabilitation, Advice on exercise of obstetrics patients, management of pain in various conditions, cardiac rehabilitation, sports injury management rehabilitation , fitness exercise and therapy.

Plastic and Micro Vascular Surgery:
(Consultations, emergency, Management of congenital anomalies of face ( cleft lip, palate), hand , genitalia, breasts etc, Management of facial and hand injuries, tendon injuries, nerve injuries , compound fractures of limb , soft tissues loss etc, head and neck Surgery including tumors, oral cancers and reconstruction, reconstructive Surgery for soft tissue deformities, hernias etc, Peripheral nerve surgeries Cosmetic Surgery of face, breasts, abdomen (abdominoplasty) tummy tuck, body contouring by liposuction and various reduction Surgeries, Rhinoplasty,all nonsurgical cosmetic procedures, treatment of acne scare , hair removal).

Psychiatry & Psychology:
Out Patient Treatment ,In Patient Treatment (including Psy. ICU) , 24 hr. emergency care , Geriatric psychiatry Pharmacological and psychological management of Schizophrenia, Bipolar disorder, Substance abuse disorders, Depression, Obsessive compulsive disorder, Social Phobia , Panic disorder, Generalized anxiety disorder; Hypochondriasis, Dissociative disorder, ADHD Autism, Somatoporm disorder; Sexual disorders and Electro Convulsing Therapy. Psychological Testing: Facilities available are Assessment of Intelligence,Psychoneurotic abnormalities,Projective assessment ,Aptitude and interest, ,Neuropsychological assessment Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy for Generalized anxiety disorder,Panic, disorder,Phobias , Obsessive compulsive disorder, Posttraumatic stress disorder,Acute stress disorder, Somatoform disorder,Dissociate disorder.Marital Counseling, Family therapy and Sex Therapy for Partner relationship problems, Adjustment disorders, Sexual dysfunctions.

Radio diagnosis:
Facilities include whole body Dual Slice Spiral CT Scan, 3D and 4D Ultra sound scan machines with Trans abdominal, Tran- Vaginal , Trans – Rectal and high resolution small parts Probes, Neurosonogram, Color Doppler study for vascular studies, 300 MA high frequency X-Ray machine for good quality X-Rays, Portable X-ray and portable ultrasound scanning, C-Arm image intensifiers, CT, 1.5 T. MRI and USS guided interventional procedures.

(Consultations, Emergencies, All kinds of endourology procedures viz TURP, TURBT, URS & PCNL, Advanced Urological reconstructive procedures, Gynaecologic Urological procedures viz procedures for stress urinary incontinence, Pediatrics urological procedures viz correction of congenital anomalies, Penile prosthesis implantation, treatment of male infertility, Treatment of neurogenic bladder, urinary tract infection, laparoscopic urological procedures).