Welcome to St. Philomena’s Hospital

Ever-evolving to Give You the Healthcare You Deserve

St. Philomena’s Hospital was initially begun to provide high-quality care to the poorer sections of society. Philomena’s has since grown into a large multi-speciality hospital with patients from all over the world.

  • World-class facilities
  • Highly-specialized doctors
  • Constant research to stay up-to-date

Our History

St. Philomena’s Hospital was started in 1937 by Dr. Sr. Veronica Pitt (a qualified gynaecologist) and a small team of religious sisters of the Society of Jesus Mary Joseph. Dr. Sr. Pitt passed away in 1975, but not before accomplishing her mission as a medical missionary in India.

Over the years, the hospital has been expanding and updating all the departments with modern technology and trained manpower. Today the hospital treats over 20,000 in-patients and 1,60,,000 out-patients and offers free and subsidised services to the weaker sections of society.

In 2012, the JMJ Sisters in Bangalore celebrated 75 years of selfless service.

Outpatient Department

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Our Facilities

State-of-the-art Facilities

Each department is designed to facilitate quick diagnosis and recovery with minimum pain.

  • Inpatient and Outpatient
  • Emergency Ward
  • Radiology and Imaging
  • Insurance and TPA
  • Physiotherapy
  • Laboratory
  • Blood Bank
  • Pharmacy
  • Pastoral Care

Why Choose Us

At St. Philomena’s Hospital, nothing matters to us more than your recovery, safety and comfort.
To give you the best possible experience, we maintain the highest level of service and facilities

  • Ethical Care

    We follow the highest level of ethics when treating our patients, to improve patient care.

  • Friendly Staff

    Our staff embodies our motto. We dedicate our time and effort to making you and your family comfortable.

  • Treatment Satisfaction

    We ensure that we do everything in our power to make your recovery a pain-free and seamless one.

  • Cleanliness

    We maintain the highest standards of cleanliness within the hospital to prevent hospital-acquired infection.

  • Man over Material

    We uphold high standards of integrity and, therefore, offer quality healthcare to all people.

  • Home care

    Where necessary, we deploy healthcare staff to provide therapeutic treatments from within the comfort of your home.

St. Philomena’s Hospital has tie-ups with some of India’s leading insurance providers.

THE CROSS: It stands as the symbol of absolute love. Self-giving love is the most essential aspect required in treating the sick.

THE LAMP:Light dispels darkness. Every healthcare worker is called to alleviate the darkness of pain and to radiate brightness through their very smile. Carry your lamp, even if as only a smile, everywhere and all the time.

Our Logo

Our Motto: "Love, Share and Care"

THE HANDS: Hands symbolise human touch and sharing. We are called to transmit the divine healing touch, and to share our entire person, to hasten healing.

THE OLIVE TWIG: It stands for peace and healing. The aim of every healthcare worker is to help patients under their care experience healing and enjoy peace.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the registration and admission process in our hospital?

    All patients, out-patients, in-patients and emergency, shall undergo registration at the Front Office. Each registered patient shall be given an UHID.
    Patients may be directly admitted from Outpatient Clinics, Casualty and Trauma care and day care unit.
  • What is UHID?

    Unique hospital identification number given to each patient which is used every time by patients when they visit the hospital.
    Eg. 18M12345/18F12345
  • What are two standard patients identifiers?

    For In-patient- UHID & IP number
    For Out-patient- UHID & Name
  • Which are the Pharmacy services available?

    • Main Pharmacy
    • IP Pharmacy
    • OP Pharmacy
  • What are the patient's right?

    • To information
    • To choices
    • To privacy
    • To complaint
  • Can we buy medicine from outside?

    Yes medicines can be bought from outside also St Philomena’s Hospital has a 24-hour pharmacy inside the hospital premises.

  • What are visiting hours?

    Visiting hours are from 04pm to 07pm for all the wards except MICU and CITU.
    Visiting hours for MICU and CITU is from 05pm to 06pm.
  • Where do I park and what is the cost?

    Parking for Patients and visitors is available on-site at St Philomena’s Hospital on hourly basis.

  • Do you have ambulance service?

    Yes, we do have 24-hour ambulance service at St Philomena’s Hospital.

  • How soon can I make an appointment for a consultation?

    You can book an appointment using our Online Appointment Booking System. Also you can call us on (080)40164425/(080)40164635 and fix appointments.

  • What are Emergency Codes?

    Code Names                 Threat Indicated
    1.  Code Blue                    Imminent/established cardio respiratory arrest.
    2.  Code Red                     Fire.
    3.  Code Yellow                 Disaster
    4.  Code Pink                    Child/Baby Abduction
    5.  Code White                  Paediatric cardio-respiratory arrest.
  • Who are considered as vulnerable patients?

    • Geriatric patients(65 years of age)
    • Paediatric patients(16 years of age)
    • Physically and mentally challenged patients.
    • Comatose patients.
    • Patients unable to perform ADL(Activities of dailing living)
    • Pregnant mothers, Antenatal and postnatal patients.
    • Patients admitted in ICU
    • Rape and attempted suicide victims.
    • Patients on wheelchairs, trolleys, walking aids/hearing aids.
    • Impaired communication or language problems.
    • Patient with impaired bladder function.
  • How are Vulnerable Patients taken care off?

    • Safety measures like railings are provided along the staircases, wards and in the toilets.
    • Side rails on bed.
    • Calling bells placed with the hand distance of the patient.
    • Always attended by a bystander/nurse.
    • Frequent skin care and hygine.
    • Provide timely nutrition and feeds.
    • Assist in ADL(Activities of Daily Living)
    • Retrains if required(after obtaining consent)
    • Frequent reassessment of the patients and documentation.
  • Is there a canteen at St Philomena's Hospital?

    Yes. The hospital cafeteria provides meal service to visitors. The hour of service are Monday to Sunday 07Am to 10PM.

  • Can I bring food from outside the hospital?

    Yes food can be brought from outside the hospital for patient care by showing the food pass given at the time of registration to the security guard of each ward.

  • Does St Philomena's Hospital have an in-campus pharmacy for any medicine needed?

    Yes, please note that the pharmacy accepts only prescriptions drawn at St Philomena’s Hospital.

  • What kind of assistance can I expect for claiming insurance from my provider?

    We have an Insurance medical officer and a dedicated team who helps you process insurance claims after you are admitted as an in-patient.

  • Is cashless facility available at St Philomena's Hospital?

    Yes, our dedicated team helps you avail the cashless facility offered by third-party administrations. After you have been admitted as an in-patient at the hospital please contact the insurance team to process your necessary papers.