Planes, trains, and buses are germ factories, as are basically all other transportation options for getting groups of people from place to place. But now, with the rise in global cases of the new coronavirus, you’re probably even more apprehensive about travelling-whether that’s getting on a plane or taking a metro to work everyday. So, how can you protect yourself if a plane, train, or bus is in your future?The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says that the new coronavirus mostly seems to be spread through respiratory droplets that can enter your system via body parts like your nose or mouth during close contact with someone who has the illness. Unfortunately, it may also be possible(though less likely) for a person who does not have symptoms to spread the illness, or for you to get sick by touching a contaminated surface(like if a person with the illness coughed into their hands and then touched a handle, and the handle was not cleaned properly). The following tips are about reducing your own exposure to the virus, but it’s also important to think of the large public health implications of travelling right now. Unless you absolutely have to, don’t travel to the areas of the world that the new coronavirus is currently affecting most no matter your age or health status. Travel less locally, domestically and internationally  if you can, especially if you’re more vulnerable. Wash your hands properly and often. You,ve heard this a million times, but  it’s important enough that we’re going to make it a million and one. It’s hard to give specifics for exactly how often you should wash your hands when you’re travelling via plane, train, or bus. Of course, bathrooms aren’t easily available when you’re travelling. Even if you need to wash your hands, you might not be able to.”Use Alcohol based hand sanitizer instead with at least 60% alcohol between handwashes. Make sure to use as much hand sanitizer as directed and let it dry without wiping any off. Avoid people who are openly coughing or sneezing. Only use face masks in certain circumstances. Be patient and comply with health screenings. The situation with coronavirus is evolving rapidly. Please follow the advice and the information given by the CDC and the WHO. “Everyone is trying to do their best.”

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