Reverened Bishop MD Prakasham Inaugurates Integrated Basic Care Life Support Training at St. Philomena’s Hospital

St. Philomena’s Hospital has always been at the forefront of delivering exemplary healthcare services in Bengaluru. Keeping up with this tradition, the hospital celebrated the commencement of its Integrated Basic Care Life Support (IBCLS) training program. The program was inaugurated by his majesty Reverend Bishop MD Prakasham in a ceremony that reflected the hospital’s commitment to enhancing the skills of its healthcare providers.

The inauguration began with the lighting of the lamp, a traditional gesture symbolizing the enlightenment that education brings. Bishop Prakasham, along with the hospital’s administrative and medical leadership, was present at this momentous event.

The training program aims to equip the hospital staff with advanced knowledge and techniques to provide immediate and effective basic life support in emergency situations. The IBCLS program is a step forward in ensuring that the community has access to healthcare professionals trained to tackle life-threatening scenarios with confidence and care.

In attendance were the hospital’s administrator Sister Sandhya, Medical Director Dr. Shankarprasad, Associate Medical Director Dr. Chetan Abraham, and Dr. Sagar Roy, Head of Emergency Medicine. The presence of department heads and respected dignitaries underscored the collaborative effort that defines the ethos of St. Philomena’s Hospital.

This new training initiative is part of St. Philomena’s Hospital’s ongoing commitment to medical education and patient care. It underscores the hospital’s dedication to not just healing but also to empowering its staff with continuous learning opportunities.

For those interested in learning more about the IBCLS training program or other services provided by St. Philomena’s Hospital, please reach out to the hospital’s enquiry desk or visit our website.

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