Dr. Rajendra Prasad (HOD)

Senior Medical Consultant, Internal Medicine and HOD, Medicine

Dr. Rajendra Prasad is a highly experienced doctor -working in Internal medicine for over 39 years. He specialises in the treatment of a wide variety of cases from various types of fevers to systemic illnesses. He has cumulative expertise in management of covid as well. Has been treating infectious diseases, heart diseases, hypertension, gastrointestinal diseases. He has a vast experience in management of tuberculosis and a whole variety of lung disorders. His expertise has also extended into the varieties of rheumatological disorders, endocrine diseases, gastrointestinal diseases, kidney diseases and the spectrum of neurological and spinal diseases. He routinely extends expert care in Diabetes Management Blood pressure, obesity and lipid disorders. Dr. Prasad is a member of the Karnataka Medical Council, and ensures that he provides the best possible care to his patients.