Exploring the Literary Depths with Dr. Latha Venkateswaran


Reading is not just a hobby; it’s an art, a lifestyle, and a journey to unknown worlds crafted meticulously with words. In the exciting realm of books, on Saturday, August 26th, 2023, at 5 P.M., the iconic BLOSSOM BOOK HOUSE in Bangalore invites you to an evening of literary extravaganza with Dr Latha Venkateswaran.

About Dr Latha Venkateswaran – The Enthralling Maverick behind ‘Ripples’

Delve into the fascinating world of Dr Latha Venkateswaran, celebrated paediatric surgeon and emerging writer, passionate about breathing life into piquant narratives. A dedicated surgeon in Bangalore, India, for 20 years, Dr Latha’s affinity for the unusual and thrilling is effortlessly portrayed in her captivating tales. Her undergrad education from KMC, Mangalore, and post-graduation from the UK, combined with her intriguing career, brings a unique depth to her storytelling.

The Magic of ‘Ripples’

Dr Latha’s debut book ‘Ripples’ is a collection of short stories seamlessly crafted and enlivened by real-life situations and unexpected, gripping twists. It’s a work of fiction that binds the readers, allowing them to sail through myriad human experiences and emotions, unravelling the mesmerising storytelling prowess of Dr Latha Venkateswaran.

Unravelling the Stories

Dr Latha’s stories encompass various angles of life, each one distinct with fascinating characters and a mind-boggling conclusion. Whether it’s a thrilling murder mystery or a heart-warming story of simple village lives, each tale leaves an impact that lingers, much like concentric ‘Ripples’ that continue long after the initial disturbance.

The Ripples that Reverberate

In the world of ‘Ripples,’ the twists are captivating, with the narratives taking unexpected turns by the end. It’s not just the plot that carries the surprise for the readers, but how seamlessly and subtly it is woven into the narrative that strikes a chord.

An Evening of Literary Revelry

This August, an engaging literary evening awaits book lovers, as Dr Latha Venkateswaran, in her candidly charismatic style, presents her book at the prestigious BLOSSOM BOOK HOUSE at Church Street, Bangalore. Sharing the platform will be esteemed guest, Dr Shankar Prasad, the Medical Director of St. Philomena’s Hospital, Bengaluru.

What to Expect?

The event promises intellectual stimulation as the author will explore the inspirations and creative process that led to the birth of ‘Ripples’. From the genesis of unique characters to the weavings of unexpected plot twists, the evening, much like Dr Latha’s stories, offers an intriguing narrative that keeps you hooked till the end.

Supporting the Literary Journey

Dr Latha’s endeavour in storytelling is tremendously supported by her family – her husband, son, and daughter. Not only have they been her cheerleaders but also continuous sources of inspiration, serving as the wind beneath her literary wings.

Concluding Note

Join us at the book reading event by Dr Latha Venkateswaran, wherein one book, several stories, and a multitude of emotions touch liberating heights. This summer, engage in a memorable sojourn with ‘Ripples’ that will leave lasting impressions and perhaps stir up the writer in you. Come along for an evening of books, thoughts, and a warm commingling of creative spirits.

The world of imagination beckons you; do not miss the chance to be a part of Dr Latha Venkateswaran’s extraordinary literary voyage.

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