Patient’s Relations

Patient Care services in St. Philomena’s Hospital are designed to achieve our commitment to provide you and your loved ones a positive and respectful experience during your visit and stay in our hospital.

Institutional Review Board

St. Philomena’s Hospital has an Institutional Review Board (IRB). The IRB ensures that the rights and well-being of patients are adequately protected.

Quality and Safety

St. Philomena’s Hospital is committed to providing the safest, highest quality, and most satisfying care possible.


Dietetics is the interpretation and communication of the science of nutrition; it helps people make informed and practical choices about food and lifestyle in both health and disease.


St. Philomena’s nurses are leading the global transformation of nursing practice to enhance patient care for everyone, everywhere.

Pastoral Care

We are dedicated to offering comfort and support to you and your family, guiding you through your troubled times.

Imaging & Radiology

At St. Philomena’s Hospital, we have a comprehensive department of imaging and radiology that utilises cutting-edge technology to diagnose and treat patients.


The physiotherapy department at St. Philomena’s Hospital is dedicated to providing a high level of patient care and rehabilitation services, targeting a wide range of medical conditions.


The laboratory at St. Philomena’s Hospital is a 24-hour facility that provides a wide range of services

Blood Center

Here, ABO grouping and typing are performed to accurately determine an individual’s blood type, allowing for appropriate matching of donor and recipient when performing blood transfusions.