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Donate Blood and Save Life, Donating Blood is a Divine Experience

Donate blood and save life.

The St. Philomena’s Blood Bank was started in 1997 to collect, separate, and store blood. The collected blood is separated into its various components so that they can be used most effectively according to the needs of the patient. Red blood cells carry oxygen, platelets help blood clot, and plasma has specific proteins that allow proper regulation of coagulation and healing. With advancements in medicine over the years, there are drugs that help people’s bone marrow produce new blood cells more rapidly. However, the body’s response time can take weeks, and so donated blood remains an important and more immediate life-saving resource.

Scope of Blood Bank

  1. ABO grouping and typing
  2. Antibody detection (Cold & Warm)
  3. Agglutination Test
  4. Antibody titer (RH, anti A, anti B)
  5. Coombs Cross-match
  6. Cross-match (routine)
  7. Direct  Coombs test
  8. Indirect Coombs test
  9. Therapeutic Phlebotomy
  10. Whole blood
  11. Phlebotomy( Blood Donation / Blood collection)
  12. Blood Component- (a) Packed Cells