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Affordable quality healthcare for everyone

St. Philomena’s Hospital in Bengaluru was initially started to provide quality healthcare to the less fortunate sections of society. However, it has now developed into a large multi-speciality hospital that receives patients from all over the world. The hospital is equipped with world-class facilities and highly-specialised doctors. Furthermore, the hospital engages in constant research to ensure that its treatments are up-to-date.

We provide high-quality care that is affordable for everyone. Our commitment to our patients is evident in everything we do. from the way we design our facilities to the way we train our staff. At St. Philomena’s Hospital, you can be sure that you will receive the best possible care at the most affordable prices.

We have some of the best doctors from Bengaluru who consult at our hospital. They are highly experienced and have vast knowledge in their respective fields.

We use the latest technology and equipment to provide our patients with the best possible care. We are constantly upgrading our facilities so that we can offer the most advanced treatments. We have recently opened a highly sophisticated facility named “Fr. Mathias Wolff block” which has modern equipment and state-of-the-art infrastructure.

We have a team of dedicated nurses who provide excellent care to our patients. They are highly trained and experienced in their field. We are committed to providing quality healthcare for all. We accept patients from all walks of life and provide them treatment without any bias for the section of society they come from. You can check the services we offer here.

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What we do

A hospital recognised for comprehensive and compassionate medical care.

St.Philomena's hospital is the preferred hospital for anyone who needs holistic medical care. The staff is highly skilled and experienced in handling a wide range of medical needs. From general checkups to surgery, we are dedicated to providing preventive and curative care for all patients.

  •    Highly skilled & experienced doctors

  •    Cutting-edge technology

  •    Latest medical equipment
  •    Clean & comfortable hospital environment

  •    Caring staff

  •    Excellent patient care
Top Quality Care for your family

Facilities at St. Philomena's Hospital


At St. Philomena’s Hospital, we take great care in providing timely and quality ambulance services to our patients.


At our pharmacies, we provide high-quality medicines approved by our expert pharmaco-therapeutic committee

Master Health Checkup

Our health checkup package includes a variety of tests at a subsidised rate, so you can be sure you’re getting the most comprehensive care possible.

Insurance and TPA

At St. Philomena’s Hospital, our dedicated team is committed to helping you take advantage of the cashless insurance and TPA services offered by our facility.


St. Philomena’s Hospital has a canteen on the premises that provides meals for patients, staff, and visitors.


The hospital has an extension branch of South Indian Bank Limited, with 24/7 ATM facilities for patients and relatives conveniences. Hospital Address No 4, Campbell Rd, Vivek Nagar Bengaluru, Karnataka 560047 Contact Us 080-4016 4300 / 4448