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Society of Jesus Mary Joseph

The Congregation of Jesus Mary Joseph is a Catholic Religious Women’s Congregation. Today, 837 members of JMJ follow in the footsteps of Fr. Mathias Wolff in various parts of the world, carrying out the same mission of liberation and the salvation of the soul with a Charism of ‘An ever Adaptable Apostolic Availability’.

The Congregation of JMJ was founded on 29th July 1822 under the name: ‘Pédagogie Chrétienne’ (Christian Education). In addition to it, in 1839, the founder gave the name ‘Sisters of Blessed Virgin Mary’ which later was named as Society of Jesus Mary Joseph and now the ‘Congregation of Jesus Mary Joseph’.

The women of this community are selfless servants who have dedicated their lives to bringing hope and healing to some of the most vulnerable people on earth. From working in soup kitchens and homeless shelters, to providing healthcare and education in developing countries, the sisters of JMJ are an inspiration to us all. In a world that so often seems divided, their work is a powerful reminder of our shared humanity and the importance of caring for one another.

The Congregation comprises three provinces spread over India and Pakistan namely Mazza Province, Kottayam Province and Mother Provincial Province. The congregation has 72 houses all over the world and its apostolate covers a wide range: from education to health care, from social service to spiritual apostolate.

The congregation has its own Generalate situated in Rome. The Superior General is the head of the Generalate.

JMJ sisters extend their helping hand for human liberation and salvation of souls with the help of education, healthcare and social service. They have humanised these services by their prayerful and apostolic life. The congregation has been rendering its service in the field of education since its beginning. It runs Kindergartens, Primary, Secondary and Higher Secondary Schools, Degree Colleges, Technical Institutes etc. In the field of healthcare, the congregation has hospitals, dispensaries, clinics, mobile medical units etc. The sisters also provide services in the field of social service like old age homes, orphanages, child welfare centres, working women’s hostels etc.

The congregation has a fourfold apostolate which is aimed at the human liberation and salvation of souls. These are:

  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Social service
  • Spiritual apostolate

The congregation has been rendering its services in these fields since its beginning and have helped many people to lead a better life. They have also been working in various parts of the world to help the needy and the poor. The congregation has been a great blessing to the people who have been served by them.