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Message to Dr. Rajeev:
Dear Dr, Rajeev with immense gratitude in our hearts we say that Joan will turn 18 years tomorrow. Memories are so fresh when you first saw Joan and she was under your care. We blindly trusted you since there was something special in you. We felt so very comfortable to call you at any time since we felt you could understand the pain we go through as parents when children fall sick. We have never met any Paediatrician like you who is so humble, cheerful and kind. I was very emotional and told Joan that it’s only till 18 years that Dr. Rajeev can treat you but her answer was, "No mom, he is my doctor and he has to treat me till 21 years!".
We will always be very grateful to whatever you have done for Joan. Words fall short to say how much you mean to us. We wanted to meet you in person but was held up, but nevertheless, we will surely drop by in the coming weeks.
May the good God always give you good health and happiness, always.

Leo, Joan (Princess) and Maria

Thank you Dr. Rajeev!
We at St. Philomena's Hospital are deeply grateful for the exceptional care provided by our medical professionals, particularly Dr. Rajeev, Head of Department for Paediatrics.
Among the many children he has treated during his experience as a Paediatric caregiver, Joan, a young girl who was ill, found comfort and exceptional care under Dr. Rajeev's guidance, and Joan turned 18 recently. We just feel great to hear such news. This is attributed to Dr. Rajeev's ability to connect with children and his unwavering commitment to their well-being, which played a vital role in Joan's recovery.
Dr. Rajeev exemplifies the spirit of St. Philomena's Hospital, where we prioritize both medical excellence and compassionate care for every patient, especially our youngest ones!