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         In order to strengthen the safety and wellbeing of people and the staff, St. Philomena’s Hospital, Bengaluru, on July 15, 2024, organized a one-day “Fire Prevention and Firefighting” training program for more than 190 employees. The program aimed to enhance fire safety preparedness and awareness within the healthcare facility.

         The program covered various aspects of fire safety, including fire prevention, fire detection, firefighting, and evacuation procedures. A dedicated team from the R.A. Mundkur Fire and Emergency Services Academy led by, Senior Fire officer Krishna Swami and his team, conducted the day-long program.

         The training included theoretical sessions on fire safety protocols, preventive measures, and emergency response strategies, followed by a practical demonstration through a live fire mock drill conducted within the hospital premises. The drill simulated a real-life fire emergency scenario, allowing the hospital staff to practice evacuation procedures, fire suppression techniques, and coordination with emergency services.

         Reflecting on the occasion, the hospital’s administrator, Sr. Sandhya, said, “The successful completion of our recent fire safety training program is our commitment to safety and our readiness to handle any fire emergencies. This program aimed to ensure the swift and effective response of the hospital’s emergency response team in the event of a fire, prioritizing the safety of patients and healthcare providers. With a dedicated team of professionals, good-quality firefighting equipment, and state-of-the-art systems including sprinklers, a fire engine hydrant system, and addressable panels, we stand equipped to protect our patients, staff, and visitors from potential risks.”