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On 30th May, 2024 the St. Philomena’s Hospital conducted the Peripheral line Insertion Training Class. During the Peripheral line Insertion Training Class, Mr. Ravi Shankar, Director of Accreate Labs, has taught and trained our nurses how to properly and confidently complete a successful intravenous catheter insertion. This Training aimed a comprehensive overview of factors that may affect an insertion, proper vein and catheter selection, and also gave information regarding how to use various catheter types, and how to safely secure the peripheral intravenous line.

Through this practical and hands-on training, participants gained the knowledge and skills required for safe, proper Peripheral line Insertion placement. In this training class is customized to the unique healthcare settings of the participants involved, their specific supplies and equipment, and addresses problem areas identified, and many more taught during in this session.

Upon completion, of this program participants had been trained in the proper techniques for inserting a PIV, understand the correlation between the patient’s vasculature and catheter selection, be able to mitigate risk of vascular injury and infection, and gain confidence in their ability to complete an insertion on the first stick.