• In an Emergency

    Our 24-hour ambulance service is well-equipped to manage your symptoms and pain while you're being brought to the emergency room.
  • Our Doctors

    You deserve the best care. Each department has competent and extensively trained doctors, who are specialists in their respective fields.
  • Opening Hours

    • Monday - Thursday
      7.00 - 17.00
    • Friday
      7.00 - 17.00
    • Saturday
      7.00 - 17.30
    • Sunday
      7.00 - 17.00

Welcome to St Philomena's Hospital

Restoring You to Fullness of Health through Efficient and Comprehensive Care

St. Philomena’s is dedicated to ensuring your speedy and pain-free recovery. With well-trained and experienced professionals and well-equipped facilities, rest assured that you’re in the right place.

  • Capacity of over 375 in-patients and 400 out-patients
  • Top-of-the-line facilities
  • 24×7 laboratory with latest equipment
  • Impeccably trained and experienced healthcare providers

In case of emergency call (080) 4016-4425OR SEND US A MESSAGE





Your Health is Our Priority

We put our patients first

Your comfort and seamless recovery are our top priority. To cater to your medical needs, we offer multiple services.



      Our specialised departments offer a variety of procedures to relieve your symptoms and cure your ailments.



      Equipped with the latest technology and staffed with experienced surgeons, our facilities are considered some of the best in the state.



      We conduct all routine radiograph and ultrasound scans, as well as fluoroscopy procedures and computer tomography scans.

Stphiolomenas Hospital Bangalore

What we aim to do for you


To bear witness to Christ’s compassionate love with a sensitive heart  and to render selfless, efficient, and comprehensive nursing care to the poorest and most abandoned among the sick.


The restoration of total fullness of life through health and healing ministry.

Why Visit Us

Your Recovery, Safety and Comfort are Our Top Priority

St. Philomena’s Hospital is one of the best multi-speciality hospitals in the state, providing the best possible experience for you and your family.

  • Highly specialised doctors
  • Top-of-the-line equipment
  • 24-hour ambulance service
  • Capacity for 20 ICU patients with ventilators
  • Third-party administrator (TPA) cashless facility

St. Philomena’s Hospital has tie-ups with some of India’s leading insurance providers.

Our Management

Our staff works tirelessly around the clock to make your stay as comfortable as possible.
Our management team plays a very special role in raising the quality of healthcare provided at the hospital.

    An Overview

    Clinical Expertise

    We strongly believe in putting our patients first. Clinical expertise is imperative for quality patient care. Our research department is constantly studying practices across the world that are aimed towards maximizing customer comfort within our hospital.

    Training Center

    Shaping the Doctors of Tomorrow

    Our Postgraduate medical training center is geared towards furnishing future doctors with all the theoretical and experiential knowledge they require to meet our hospital’s high standards of caregiving.

    Why Choose Us

    At St. Philomena’s Hospital, nothing matters to us more than your recovery, safety and comfort.
    To give you the best possible experience, we maintain the highest level of service and facilities.

    • Ethical Care

      We follow the highest level of ethics when treating our patients, to improve patient care.

    • Friendly Staff

      Our staff embodies our motto. We dedicate our time and effort to making you and your family comfortable.

    • Treatment Satisfaction

      We ensure that we do everything in our power to make your recovery a pain-free and seamless one.

    • Cleanliness

      We maintain the highest standards of cleanliness within the hospital to prevent hospital-acquired infection.

    • Man over Material

      We uphold high standards of integrity and, therefore, offer quality healthcare to all people.

    • Home care

      Where necessary, we deploy healthcare staff to provide therapeutic treatments from within the comfort of your home.

    • In Case of Emergency Call (080) 4016-4300

      Please remember we care about your privacy.

    • #4, Campbell Rd,Vivek Nagar P.O, Bengaluru

      Check duty hours of doctors in our timetable.


    Dear Patron, 
    We are pleased to announce that we have reopened our Outpatient ward for consultations to non-COVID patients. Over the last few months, we have been treating and caring for COVID patients with utmost care keeping all government protocols in place. Kindly note the following measures that are in place at St. Philomena’s Hospital as we reopen our outpatient department:

    • Patients will have their temperatures taken upon arrival and asked to complete a COVID symptom form.
    • Hand sanitizer is placed throughout the hospital. Patients will be required to use it upon arrival and when moving around the hospital.
    • Everyone is requested to wear a face mask at the hospital.
    • Imaging is available to include MRI, X-ray and Ultrasound.
    • All other departments are also open for face-to-face consultations.
    • Our Phlebotomy services are also available.

    We thank you for the trust and wish you good health.
    St. Philomena’s Hospital